Blockchain in practice (with Sam Wouters, Sam Hendrickx and Thomas Marckx) - IT Works

Parker Hotel Brussels Airport
1831 Diegem
14.00u. - 18.30u.
jun 22


Blockchain technology is complex, but the idea is simple. Essentially, blockchain is a huge global distributed but shared ledger (database), running on millions of devices and open to anyone. Anything of value - money, music, houses, deeds, art, intellectual property, scientific discoveries, and even votes - can be stored and transferred securely and privately.

Voor wie

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about blockchain technology, one of the most important innovations since the Internet. Blockchain is not just for the financial industry but can disrupt any industry. We organize this seminar to show you how blockchain technology can be applied in your industry, and will focus on the why, what and how.

Wat zal je leren?

Blockchain is the first native digital medium for value, ownership and trust, just as the Internet was the first native digital medium for information and communication. Believe me, blockchain technology could have huge implications for business, government and the society. Blockchain technology may dramatically drop transaction costs for transferring all sorts of assets, while making these transactions much faster and more secure. While the first applications were in the financial services industry, there are now applications in many more industries. During this seminar, we'll show you how to prototype on the leading blockchain platform ethereum, and how to write distributed applications (DApps) and smart contracts, small applications that automate and support value transactions on the blockchain.

Waarom erbij zijn?

Blockchain is also ideal for both managing and maintaining digital identities, and will give a boost to the Internet of Things, one of the accelerators of Digital Transformation. The possibilities of blockchain technology are only as limited as our imagination. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology will continue to grow in importance in our agile, global, digitally transformed and highly connected world. Be prepared by attending this in-depth afternoon seminar.


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