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Over Telenet

Als grootste telecommunicatiebedrijf in Vlaanderen, voorzien we internet, vaste en mobiele telefoniediensten, en digitale televisie aan gebruikers in Vlaanderen en Brussel. Onder de merknaam Telenet Business leveren we professionele communicatiediensten aan bedrijven in België en Luxemburg.



Become an IT Ninja @ Telenet

At Telenet there is an IT revolution taking place, this does not mean that we are moving to the cloud, but the way that we use IT is in a constant state of change. Just because that change isn’t immediately obvious, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t taking place and won’t happen in the near future. Think of the technological innovations that are just around the corner: from augmented reality, quantum computing, advanced analytics and robotics, to machine learning and many more. All these new technologies require new process paradigms, new skills and most of all new attitudes. We need quick, flexible thinkers, with the ability to think-outside-the-box and help us develop radical new approaches to IT.

The way that IT impacts on every business is also growing at rocket speed. Telenet is no different and from the data centre, to business process management and alignment and many more: IT is a fundamental part of the business. At Telenet, IT is a crucial part of our strategy to become the leading converged connected entertainment and business solutions provider in Belgium.

That’s why Telenet IT organization is looking for 10 Young Graduates / IT Ninja’s, eager to become fully grounded in all IT aspects of our business: from service management, to development, from demand management to the CIO office, from architecture to testing, etc.  

This mean they will spend time in all disciplines, execute specialist projects based on business needs but also based on their learning requirements and skill adoption.

In practice this means they can rotate or take a role as/with : 

  • The strategy and architecture department: The Digital Ninja will assist the entire IT organization with the online behavior app strategy through experiments, pilots and proof of concepts in the digital development space.
  • The business intelligence and information architecture department: The Data Ninja aka data scientists will focus completely on data driven experimental and analytical projects on the sociological, technological and economic drivers of change.
  • The development organization: The Development Ninja will take part in the ultimate development paradigm and will create the “microservice in a box” environment. Their job will be to go fast, take risks and fix it if it fails.
  • The service and infrastructure organization: The Infrastructure Ninja will evolve the multi-/omni-channel paradigm to mobile only strategies.

Wat verwachten we van jou?

Your greatest challenges @ Telenet

  • Our Young IT Ninja’s need business drive, a passion for technology ,  a hunger to learn but above all: a can-do attitude where they roll up their sleeves and just do it.
  • Graduated in 2018 from a bachelor or master degree in computer sciences or another master degree where there is a clear link with IT (mathematics, statistics, digital or telecommunications).
  • Strong analytical skills, allowing you to diagnose complex problems.
  • A passion for new IT technologies, with the foresight to see how they can support different business needs.
  • An innovative mindset, allowing you to find creative solutions to complex challenges.
  • Clear Communication-skills: You’re an excellent communicator and storyteller effectively tuning your delivery to your target audience, i.e. from engineer to C-level executive. Simplifying and clarifying the message as appropriate.
  • You are Pragmatic: You are pragmatic in your approach. You use the right techniques to provide the needed quality and detail while avoiding complex solutions. (Knowledge of functional programming, BI architecture, Big Data and IT infrastructure is a plus).
  • Technology watch: You constantly maintain an overview of the technology landscape in its broadest sense (uxp, apps, AI, IoT, ..) allowing yourself to apply and use new technologies where needed.
  • A (basic) knowledge of Prototyping: You are flexible in the languages (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, ...) and technologies (Mobiel/IoT SDKs React, Node, Angular,  …) you use. This allows you to develop a prototype end-to-end.
  • Knowledge of English and Dutch is required.

Wat hebben we jou te bieden?

The benefits of being a Young Grad at Telenet

A real job, with plenty of real responsibility and challenging projects throughout the IT department .
A two-year development program.
A position in an innovative, healthy and ambitious organization which is ready for the future.
The chance to take your career into your own hands and develop your IT and leadership skills.
An attractive compensation and benefits package

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