Nieuwe Europese Organisatie voor Webshops

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Nieuwe Europese Organisatie voor Webshops

De nieuwe Europese organisatie voor webshops, Ecommerce Europe, is operationeel! De website,, is online en de eerste leden en business partners hebben zich al geregistreerd. Leden van de Executive Committee Annette Falberg, Wijnand Jongen en Marc Lolivier: "We are ready and waiting. It was high time that the interests of webshops were represented on a European level."

Ecommerce Europe

Lobby groepen die 7 Europese landen vertegenwoordigen hebben zich gegroepeerd om Ecommerce Europe te vormen. België, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Italië, Nederland, Noorwegen en Zweden nemen deel aan deze organisatie voor webshops. Marc Loliver, director bij de Franse Ecommerce organisatie FEVAD: "It was about time for the voice of European webshops to be heard at a European level. Up till now here was no structured collaboration directly involving e-commerce businesses. After all, online sales are not bound by geographic borders. The European market is an open market with plenty of opportunities for webshops. The cross-border, online sale of both products and services is already taking place on a large scale. This demands that the branch has a strong and clear voice in Brussels and with respect to the stakeholders."

Spearheads of Ecommerce Europe

Alle info over Ecommerce Europe kan je vinden op de splinternieuwe website van de organisatie. Annette Falberg, director bij de Deense e-commerce organisatie FDIH: "In the next few months we will be focussing on three matters. The first of these is lobbying on European laws and legislation. We will be paying particular attention to privacy legislation. The second field of focus is e-logistics. We will be drawing up an inventory of what is needed for European logistics to function efficiently. The third focal point is e-payments. We must shift towards European standards. Payment transactions in Europe are currently far too fragmented."

Eerste leden en business partners

Wijnand Jongen, directeur bij de Nederlandse e-commerce organisatie is enthousiast over de eerste reacties van Europese bedrijven. "The first members and business partners of Ecommerce Europe have already registered. Dozens of applications for membership have been received. Businesses that operate in several European countries can become full members. Leading suppliers of the e-commerce branch are welcome as business partner." Verder kunnen organisaties die zich verbonden voelen met de Europese e-commerce, zich registreren als associative partner.

Global E-commerce Summit

De Global E-commerce Summit, Barcelona 4,5 en 6 juni, zal een belangrijk moment zijn voor Ecommerce Europe. De organisatie zal namelijk 3 pre-conferenties opzetten rond e-logistics, e-payments en e-privacy. De eerste "General Members Meeting" zal hier ook plaatsvinden.  Wijnand Jongen: "It will be an important moment for meeting people from the sector and hearing about what is taking place in the farthest corners of Europe."

Je kan je voor de pre-conferenties registreren via

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