Bossdata is an Antwerp-based data-driven agency and your new best friend when it comes to defining your online strategies. We get inspired by your data, but don’t worry – that’s not where it stops.

By re-analysing your new data on a daily base we are able to keep fine-tuning your strategic online marketing plan. And guess what: we are doing this for you day and night if needed. Seems like the passion for data took over control.

  • 100% transparent business strategy build up.
  • Passionate about analytics and bottom line business impact.
  • Transform your data into analytical driven decisions.

Our office is leading in their own disciplines while carrying the same base. Advising your online business the way it should be. Whether your online business needs a financial strategist or an E-metrics guru, we got all the experts on board.

We keep a fresh mind by working in a vibrant and challenging environment. Our offices are located in the city center of Antwerp on the floor of the internet accelerator

Building strategy consumes loads of energy, looking in to your proposition we’d love to offer you a grade A cup of coffee from our friends at Coffeelabs, they provide you with a healthy and tasty lunch too.

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